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With a free motigo guestbook your visitors can comment on your website and communicate with you. Visitors can always read the previous messages and even reply to them. By adding a free guestbook to your site, you will get valuable feedback from your visitors and at the same time encourage them to come back again and again.

5 good reasons to add a motigo guestbook to your site:

  • It’s easy to use and manage
  • It’s an easy way to stay in contact with your users
  • You will receive comments and feedback from your users
  • The motigo guestbook is fully configurable
  • It's totally free


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  • Create a free guestbook
  • Choose design
  • Receive comments and feedback

Having a free motigo guestbook on your site allows your visitors to communicate with you and will encourage them to come back. The guestbook is really easy to set up and use – and it’s free of charge! To add a guestbook to your site, just sign up to motigo and follow the instructions.

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