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  Jambi Ancient Riverine Harbour Settlements: Sungai Batang Hari  
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Detailed map of Sumatra.

Detailed map of Jambi and known sites along the Batang Hari river.

Political map of Jambi and its surrounding area.

BTH 2005 Photo Gallery


A conference was held at the Asia Research Institute, Singapore, on the subject of Ancient Harbours and Inter-Regional Trade, on June 14 and 15, 2004. The conference was attended by over twenty scholars from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, France, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Singapore. The Chairman's Report of the conference recorded that the conference participants identified Jambi as one of the critical regions where more research is urgently needed.

As a result of this consensus, The Asia Research Institute decided to award a grant for research in Jambi. As a first step in reconfirming the importance of the lower Batang Hari river region in Jambi as a key location in the development of early inter-regional trade with a view to the collection of data for the establishment of a longer-term regional project, the Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore, proposed to grant funds to the Balai Pelestarian Peninggalan Purbakala Jambi (BP3) and the Universitas Udayana, Denpasar, Bali, to sponsor the work of an archaeological survey team for a period of one month, from 15th June to 10th July, 2005.

Taking into consideration existing reports on site identification along the Batang Hari, the team surveyed the length of the river and its tributaries between Jambi and the two main outlets, concentrating upon potential sites along the Kuala Aur, including Muara Sabak, Koto Kandis, Suak Kandis (Muara Kumpeh), the Kumpeh river, and Muara Jambi. The Kuala Berbak and Lambur was also investigated.


BTH 2005 Phase I Survey Participants

Balai Arkeologi Palembang
Tri Marhaeni S.B.

Balar Bandung Puslitarkernas
Octaviadi Abrianto

Balai Pelestarian Peninggalan Purbakala (BP3) Jambi
Mohammad Iksan
Kristanto J.
Agus Sudaryadi S. S.
Drs. Igantius Suharno
Agus Widiatmoko

National University of Singapore / Asia Research Institute
Omar Chen
Andrew C. Cowan
Foo, Shu Tieng
Lim, Chen Sian
Dr. E. Edwards McKinnon
Prof. Dr. John N. Miksic
Teo, Eik Ruey
Ung, Ruey Loon
Shah Alam bin Mohamed Zaini

Universitas Udayana (Bali)
Prof. Dr. I Wayan Ardika, M. A.
M. E. T. Cahyaningtyas
Agus M. Isnaini
Wahyu Adi Nugroho
Drs. I Wayan Patera M. Hum
Ismar Patrizki
Drs. Ketut Setiawan
Andi Syarifudin