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This segment is dedicated to archaeological news in Singapore and the Southeast Asian region, and recognises significant events in the progressive discovery of the region's history and heritage.


What's New

26th March, 2009

  1. The main index page counter has been fixed.
  2. Please note that the e-mail contacts have been changed to deter spam.

29th September, 2006

  1. Updated the St. Andrews site report to a working local link.
  2. Updated the Palmer Road Site Report.
  3. The discussion board has been removed.

Previous Updates

7th May, 2006

  1. Please note that our contact e-mail address has changed to shien(at)seaarchaeology(dot)com.
  2. Updated the Fort Tanjong Katong page with the preliminary site preliminary report and a news update.
  3. The Palmer Road project page is now up.


6th February, 2006

We recently experienced technical difficulties regarding the site but the most recent version should now be up and running. We will add more information regarding some more recent excavations soon.


20th July, 2005

A huge update to the website today, with more to come soon.

  1. The discussion forum is now online, albeit in a different format to allow for inter-regional discussion.
  2. An update to the Fort Tanjong Katong section, with new pictures from the Fundraising Dinner, a news update regarding the status of the project, as well as a new site plan for the pits excavated so far. The discussion forum also has information regarding a site visit that is coming up tomorrow.
  3. An update to the Padang page (added pictures and fixed the main picture at the top).
  4. An update to the Istana Kampong Glam page (added pictures).
  5. An update to the Others page (added pictures).
  6. Added recomended books to read regarding both Singapore and Indonesia.

6th April, 2005

Updated meta descriptions, the Fort Tanjong Katong page, as well as the 'Community' page.

1st February, 2005

Updated the Fort Tanjong Katong Progress Report (v1.4, PDF, 40.9kb). Don't know what the Fort Tanjong Katong excavations were like? Visit the page below for more information:

Fort Tanjong Katong Excavations, Singapore

30th January, 2005

Added the Fort Tanjong Katong Progress Report (v1.3, PDF, 23.8kb), took down the discussion forum and mailing list options (please use "Contact" instead), and added a counter.